How to keep your house warm and save money

How to keep your house warm and save money


We all dread the heating bill at the end of Winter, due to the dropping temperatures outside, it makes it more expensive to keep the house warm.

So, we’re sharing a few tips and tricks to keep the costs down and your feet warm!

Don’t have your central heating on all the time

Programming your boiler to turn the heating on 30 minutes before you require it at a lower temperature is less expensive than putting it on full blast when you do. Also ensure that you don’t have your heating on low all day. (tell your kids this too!)

Wear layers

Be sure that you absolutely have to put the heating on, wear socks and a hoodie!

Block out the draughts

Keep the cold out by using your DIY skills to draught-proof doors and cracks in the floor, you can almost do this for no cost! Seal everything up before the cold gets you.

Does your boiler need an upgrade?

Is your boiler over 10 years old? It may be time to get a new one, have a look on Quick Find Directories to find the best supplier  -

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