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    Recommended by Quick Find, Collingwood Chiropody & Podiatry are friendly, experienced HCPC Registered chiropodists and podiatrists.


    • New Patient Treatment/Assessment
    • vascular and neurological assessment
    • check your blood supply & nerves to feet
    • Routine Treatment addressing nails, corns, hard skin & other appropriate treatments
    • Home Visits – foot care in the comfort of your own home
    • Swift Microwave Therapy for verrucas…A precise & easy way of treating.
    • Lunula laser……A pain free simple….effective treatment of fungal nails.
    • Nail surgery……Using local anaesthetic…for troublesome ingrowing nails.
    • Vascular, Neurological & Foot Pressure Tests
    • We offer General Chiropody too!…Nail Cutting, Corns & Callus removal, Diabetic Foot Care, Ingrowing Nails & Verrucae, Fungal
    • Infections etc.
    • We also have Registered Reflexologists & Holistic Therapists on site!

    Newly opened in July 2021…OUR state of the art RS Scan pressure plate & Phits orthotics GAIT ANALYSIS LAB can help you improve your sporting performance and walk with reduced or no pain!

    Their clinics in Great Barr and Aldridge have parking and main bus routes near.


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    Area Covered in Chiropodists clinics in Great Barr and Aldridge

    Area Covered in Chiropodists clinics in Great Barr and Aldridge

    Aldridge / Streetly / Great Barr

    Services by this Chiropodists clinics in Great Barr and Aldridge

    • Fully Insured
    • Relevant Qualifications
    • Experienced

    6 recommendations

    • Sandra Wilkinson
      5 out of 5

      "My mum who is in her 80's has endured so much pain during the lockdown as her NHS appointment was cancelled. I cannot thank Sam enough for the treatment and care she gave to mum today. Highly recommend this place."

      September 20, 2022


    • Roy Davies
      5 out of 5

      "Excellent service provided. All staff were friendly and very professional. Highly recommend"

      September 20, 2022


    • Wayne Mcdougall
      5 out of 5

      "Esta and her team are fantastic the attention to detail is great and the friendly service puts you at ease will continue being a loyal customer 5 stars Definitely"

      September 20, 2022


    • Steve M
      5 out of 5

      "The new premises are easy to find with ample parking. Esther and all the team are very professional and friendly. See you all soon , thanks for a great service ."

      September 20, 2022


    • Sarah
      5 out of 5

      "Modern lovely clinic, really friendly staff and a fantastic treatment. I highly recommend them"

      September 20, 2022


    • Becky
      5 out of 5

      "Cannot recommend this place enough. Fantastic clean clinic with friendly professional staff. The treatment I received was excellent from start to finish. Feet feel great! Thank you."

      September 20, 2022


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