Questions to Ask When Getting a Quote from a Local Trusted Trader

January 14, 2018

Questions to Ask When Getting a Quote from a Local Trusted Trader
No matter how big or small your job is, you want to be assured your home is in the hands of a local trusted trader. As mentioned in our previous blog ‘The ultimate guide to finding a trustworthy trader’, inviting at least three businesses to quote for the work will ensure you are being quoted the best price for the job, and assess how comfortable you are with the individual carrying out the work.

So, what questions do you ask when they visit to price-up the job in hand? Here are some to get you started.
1. How long have you been in business?
How much experience do they have in their line of work? Always ask how long the tradesman has been in business. They should have plenty of knowledge and experience, combined with a reputable and longstanding business.
2. Do you have references for past work?
If you can find a tradesman who is willing to show you examples of previous jobs, this is a great sign. Photos of previous work are also testament to the workmanship you should expect. Many businesses are happy for you to contact their customers directly to discuss their experiences in person.

A Quick Find approved local trusted trader is always asked to provide references for at least 10 customers. We personally call each customer and confirm they were happy with the workmanship, punctuality and pricing of the job.
3. Are you a member of a trade body?
Many trade bodies have a protection scheme that help to resolve any disputes which may occur. This gives homeowners peace of mind that there’s someone to turn to if things go wrong. Always ask your trader if they are a member of a local trade body. Some professionals are required by law to be registered and certified members of specific trade organisations. You can find out more about this on our website.
4. Do you have insurance?
Anyone working in your home is required by UK law to have insurance. Ask your trader exactly what insurance they have and ask to see copies of any paperwork before you agree to go ahead with the work. Even if they’ve never had any issues in the past, mistakes and accidents do happen, so always check that they are liable should there be any unexpected events whilst the work is being carried out.
5. Can you provide a written quotation and estimated time frame for completion?
Here at Quick Find we recommend you obtain a minimum of 3 quotations for your job. Ensure you receive a full written quotation, check how long the quote is valid for, and always get a written estimate of the time frame for your job. If you require work to be completed by a certain date, make sure that the local trusted trader is aware of that and ask for it to be written down as part of the quotation. Never agree to a contract with no foreseeable completion date!
6. How soon can you start?
Make sure you get a definitive start date from your trader. Some businesses will only be comfortable confirming this once you agree to the work taking place, however always ask the question. If you can, have it written into the contract that they must have started and completed the job by a specific date.
7. What are the terms of payment?
Agree with the business the terms of payment before you sign any contract. Some traders will require a deposit upfront, whilst others are happy to carry out the work and receive payment in full when completed. Some will bill you for the work, whereas others may require cash or a bank transfer on completion. Once again, always get this in writing!
What next?
Any reputable local trusted trader will be more than happy to alleviate any anxieties you may have by answering questions – no matter how silly they may sound.

In our experience, the most important element of hiring a local trusted trader is that you are happy and comfortable letting them into your home, certainly obtaining answers to the questions above can really help you ascertain if the person is right for the job.