Festive Games for all the Family!

December 18, 2017

Looking for festive games to play over the holidays? Tired of computers and board games? We've compiled a list of  traditional party games the whole family can enjoy!
Our Festive Games for all the Family:

Bauble and Spoon Race
A great game if you have any energy left after Christmas dinner…or maybe just one for the kids! So this is essentially the classic egg and spoon race with a festive twist, the twist being that you use a bauble (or other similar festive object if you prefer) instead of an egg. This is another game that can be played as individual races or 'spruced up' by using teams to relay race!
Human Christmas Tree
Split into teams and decorate one member from each team like a Christmas Tree. You will need an impartial judge to do the judging here! You might need to get some props in for this one; anything that you can use to decorate your human Christmas tree such as crepe paper, tin foil, streamers, tinsel and any other festive paraphernalia.
Santa's Hat
One of our favourite festive games. For this one you will need a few Santa hats (or other Christmas item that can be worn). As guests arrive give them a hat to wear and tell they must wear it until you take yours off. Carry on the day/evening as usual and at some point quietly take off your hat, the last person still wearing a hat then begins the next round of the game. You could add twists to this game, such as the last person in their hat must down a drink (adults only of course) or the last person wearing their hat must do some kind of forfeit. 
Pair Wrap
For each pair you will need a box, wrapping paper, scissors and sticky tape. Allocate someone to judge the final wrapped presents and then pair up. Each pair must have one hand tied to the other partner’s hands, they must then use only their free hands to work together to gift wrap the box. The judge has the final say on the best wrapped gift!
Festive Charades
You can’t beat a good old fashioned game of charades! The rules for this are the same as ordinary charades however the book/movie/song etc must be Christmas related in some way.

This can be played as individuals, where the person who guesses correctly is next up to act out a charade; or in teams (this is much more competitive), where a player from each team takes turns and points are awarded to the team who guesses the answer first. Ideas can be thought up on the spot or if you like to be really organised you can pre-write/print a selection of titles to be acted out and have a lucky dip bowl, whereby the person acting must act out the title they pick out – this can be quite tricky (and funny) if they don’t know the title!
Christmas Hunt
This can be anything from an elaborate treasure hunt with hints and riddles,find a Christmas prize, or a simple Christmas version of hide and seek. You can choose to hide one item (such as a Christmas teddy or ornament) and then the finder can re-hide it so play can continue; or you can hide a selection of Christmas items that need to be found! The ball is in your court – a fantastic game to keep the kiddies entertained!
Name that Carol
A game with many variations! Can be played individually or in teams. You must speak the lyrics or hum the tune of a festive carol or song and everyone everyone to guess which one it is. Carols and songs can be chosen from a list or just thought up on the spot. 
Christmas Story: True or False
Each person tells a Christmas story that has (or has not) happened to them and everyone must decide whether or not they story is true or false. Ideas for stories can include a relative embarrassing you at a Christmas family event or a strange/funny gift you have received in the past.
Christmas Who Am I?
Give everyone a stick label or post it note with a Christmas character on and have them stick it to their forehead without looking at it. Take it in turns to ask a ‘yes or no’ question about the character on your forehead, taking turns to ask your questions means you must also remember what you have asked and what the answers were whilst waiting for your next question. Believe us this can get quite tricky is there are a few people playing!

Have you got  any good festive games to add to the mix? Let us know over on our Facebook page and we will be sure to share with our followers!