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June 2, 2023

Birmingham gardening servicesAs the weather warms up and summer gets ever closer, now is an ideal time to start thinking about working on the garden. If the idea of getting your hands dirty in the garden is not your cup of tea then it makes sense to start searching for a gardener in Birmingham.

With the right gardening services you can get your garden summer-ready, in time for the inevitable BBQ season. Finding a reliable gardener isn’t always so easy, but don’t worry as we’ve prepared a simple guide to help make it a bit easier for you.

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Tips on choosing a gardener in Birmingham

Before hiring anyone to work on your garden it’s important to do your homework and ensure they are reputable and have the necessary skills for your particular garden type.

What type of gardening skills do you actually need?

It’s important to be clear about this because there are many different types of job in a garden and not everyone offers them. For example you may need general garden services such as clearing up, weeding or even planting. Some gardeners offer landscaping which involves more thought and experience about what will suit your garden over the long term. Others specialise in decking, paving or patios. By being clear about what you need, it will help refine what to look for.

Get references

These days many gardening companies in Birmingham will post examples of their work on social media. This is a great opportunity for you to assess their work and also see what comments they receive. If possible get in touch with the homeowners of jobs which you like the look of.

Check if they have insurance or guarantee their work

The most common type of insurance you may request is public liability and third party liability insurance. These ensure that both the gardener and you are protected in the event of anything going wrong. Like most trade jobs ask if they offer any warranty in case something isn’t up to scratch.

Ask the right questions

Just like with any job you do, it’s important to ask the trader some important questions. Find out if the work they do is covered, how long they estimate the work to be done, and who exactly will be doing the work on your property. Since gardening in particular requires workers to get dirty find out how mess is cleared and how waste is disposed of.

Gardening in Birmingham

Get inspiration for your garden in Birmingham

If you’re looking for inspiration for your new garden then Birmingham is a city with lots of green spaces. The first place to start is by just walking around your neighbourhood. There are many lovely parks around Birmingham such as Cannon Hill park and Sutton Park. With a keen eye you can find examples of different plants and plant placements to give you some inspiration for your own garden.

Another great place to find some amazing ideas for plants and flowers for your own garden is the Birmingham Botanical gardens in Harborne. Founded in 1829 the Botanical Gardens are a beautiful place where you can see lots of different kinds of flowers from around the world. It’s definitely worth going for a visit and maybe even asking the staff for some ideas.

If you prefer to look online then websites such as Pinterest, Youtube or even Instagram are full of beautiful looking gardens. By doing a search online you can even do some research into different soil types, environments and what plants are suitable for the British climate.

Finally, gardening shows and videos can be excellent sources of inspiration and explain about things such as plant and garden maintenance. You can then choose a garden style which suits your lifestyle and that of your family. By doing this initial research you can save lots of time later when you look to hire a gardener.

Looking for a company who does gardening in Birmingham?

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