Making window blinds safe

March 23, 2018

With Spring sunshine upon us your attention may be turning to window dressings and blinds. Don't get me wrong, here at Quick Find we do not enjoy blocking out the sunshine but sometimes it is necessary!

So how can you be sure your new blind is legal and fit for purpose? We have got together with Quick Find advertiser, Taydec, to bring you the ultimate guide to blind safety. In this article we will explore how to keep your family safe and what to look for in your new window blinds.

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Blind safety
Young children can be strangled by loops in pull chords, chains, tapes and inner cords that operate your blinds. To avoid strangulation, cords should be kept out of reach of young children.

In 2014 RoSPA announced the EN13120:2009+A1:2014 standards making it illegal to install window blinds without child safety requirements. 

These standards ensure professional window blind installation companies adhere to the following;

Inclusion of safety warnings and product safety instructions
Adhere to limits on cord and chain lengths
Include safety devices to prevent cords and chains from creating loops
Fit safety devices on cords and chains during manufacture
Test all safety critical components of window blinds
Install child safe blinds in ALL residential properties, whether a child is there or not.

If you make the decision to install your own blinds, make sure you read the instructions and fit any safety devices supplied with your blinds.
Legitimate local businesses such as Taydec work in partnership with the Make it Safe Campaign and the BBSA (British Blind & Shutter Association) to ensure the above safety measures are always adhered to.

Looking for a suitable window blind
Blinds come in an endless range of colours and finishes, so whether you opt for vertical, roller, roman, venetian – you must make sure safety devices are fitted as standard.

Fitting a safety device to a new blind certainly shouldn't compromise on design or style – there area variety of safety devices available to suit your style of blind. Working with an expert such as Taydec will ensure that;

your blind suits your decor and is the finish you want
Is completely child safe
Helps to control the temperature and light in your home.

The following video by the BBSA highlights exactly what to look for when choosing a new blind, and how to make it safe.

Make It Safe – What to look for in new blinds from BBSA on Vimeo.

Making your existing blinds safer
If you already have a window blind which has an operating cord or chain that could form a loop, you must keep it out of reach of babies and children. There are a range of safety devices to consider, for example;

Chain-break connector – these will break apart when undue pressure is applied
Cord/Chain tidy and tensioners – these are fixed securely to an adjacent surface and hold the chain or cord permanently taut
Cleat – securely fixed to an adjacent surface out of reach of a child and at least 1.5m off the floor.

Here are just a few ways you can make sure your blinds are not endangering your children:

Move beds, cots, and highchairs away from window covering cords and chains
Make sure your next window covering purchase is a ‘safe by design’ product
Make sure all cords and chains are always secured out of reach
Do not cut looped cords, as cords can tangle forming new loops and also making your blind inoperable
Move furniture away from window covering cords and chains
Do not tie cords or chains together and make sure they do not twist or create further loops
If in doubt call a professional business, like the team at Taydec, for advice.

A bit about Taydec
James Deen from Taydec commented "Don't leave it to chance, you should work with an accredited BBSA member or a Make it Safe member who can give you the correct advice. Working with a BBSA member can bring you ultimate piece of mind, ensuring that your installation is done to the highest quality".

"Since our launch in 2009 we've been laying the foundations as a solid, reputable, go-to source for information on child safety for looped and corded internal shade around the home and public areas, where young or vulnerable people may attend. We are also pretty well known for our daring style ideas, questioning norms and pushing the boundaries of clients decor!"

You can find out more about Taydec, read recommendations and find contact details at their Quick Find page.

Want to know more?
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