5 tips to ensure your house is secure

5 tips to ensure your house is secure


Did you know that burglaries and thefts are on the rise and one takes place every 21 seconds? The nights are getting darker earlier are it is important to protect and secure your home. We’re not here to scare you…we’re here to share some tips to ensure that you have put the right security measures in.

Draw your blinds and curtains: A small step that will make such a difference. Discourage potential intruders by drawing your curtains and blinds from entering your home and being able to see into your home.

Lock up: Whether you’re sleeping or leaving the house, lock windows and doors. Try to avoid leaving a spare key in a hiding place by your front door as unfortunately thieves are more often one step ahead. Also ensure that everyone in the household know these house rules.

Secure your doors: Are your doors protecting your house? Make sure that your hinges and frames are strong and are working effectively. Also ensure that you don’t have large pet flaps or mail slots that can be used by burglars.

Add CCTV: If a burglar does take place, a security camera can make all the difference when they are trying to find the perpetrator. A security camera doesn’t have to be expensive. You can find a trusted tradesman here: www.quickfinddirectories.co.uk/search/?service=CCTV&area=

Remove hiding places: Your front and back garden may be giving potential burglars the perfect hiding places, without damaging the exterior to your home, trim down trees and bushes. A few more tips about the exterior of the home: Put away ladders, lock your gates, garages and cars, add security notices.

We hope these tips give you a starting point on securing your home!

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