Hay Fever Tips

Hay Fever Tips


Summer is coming, so for hay fever sufferers, it means it’s just about time to reach for the tissues and antihistamines. 

If you get hay fever particularly badly, you’ll probably want to make your home as pollen free as you can. Here's some tips to help you.

Change your clothes when you get in:

Try giving your jacket or fleece a shake before you step inside and take off your shoes at the door. Try changing your clothes too, so you don’t spread pollen around the house with you.

You should put your old clothes straight in the wash to keep whatever pollen is on them away from the rest of your home.

Have a shower before you go to bed:

Pollen can cling to your hair and skin as well as clothes, so to avoid spreading it onto your bedding, have a shower before you go to bed. Changing your bed linen regularly helps as well.

Close your windows:

If you’re hot, try to resist opening your windows during the summer, as pollen can be carried in with that refreshing breeze. Instead, try closing your curtains or blinds to block out the sun and use a fan to blow cool air around in the room. You can open your windows at night when the pollen count tends to be lower.

Clean your home regularly:

No matter how clean you are, pollen can still work its way into your home. Vacuum your carpets regularly and when you dust, try dusting with a wet cloth instead of a feather duster, so you can catch the dust instead of flicking it else where.

Dry your washing inside:

Pollen can stick to your clothes when they're outside, so try drying them inside instead.

Brush your pet’s fur:

Brushing your pet’s fur after they’ve been outside will dislodge any pollen they’ve brought in with them. Then you can vacuum it up rather than letting them spreading it around your home. Washing their coat regularly will also help.

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